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An Experiment in Sharing

I have had too many conversations with people in the church lately that have gone kind of like this:
Someone will remark on a church service or something we have done in the church and they will say how nice and meaningful it was. Then they will close by saying something like, "It's a shame that there weren't more people here to be a part of it."
I used to nod my head and agree when people said things like that, but lately I've been wondering why I don't respond in a different way.
Why don't I say, "Yeah, I know. By the way, who did you invite this morning and who did you tell about what we were doing here?"
Actually, I know why I don't ask questions like that -- it's because I know what the answer would be. Most people would never even consider talking to anyone about what goes on in their church.
There is an assumption behind those laments over lack of attendance that people make. People are assuming that going to a church service is …