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Coming soon to an eBook vendor near you.

For the past decade or so, I have been writing a book in my spare time. The book sprang out of my general dissatisfaction with the traditional ways of telling and dramatizing the story of the birth of Jesus. In many ways, I find that the ways that we think of the story really do not honour the intentions of the original gospel writers - especially the writer of the Gospel of Luke.

I feel that we miss so much of what Luke was trying to communicate about Jesus because:

We have insisted on harmonizing the two accounts of the birth that we have (Matthew 1 and Luke 2) in a way that strips both of them of their unique perspectives on the meaning of the birth of Christ.We have not struggled in constructive ways with some of the problematic elements in Luke's story likeThe description of the census (which does not fit with what we know about Roman policy and practice).The reasons for the journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem which are not sufficiently explained.The historical and political si…