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And now, folks, here are the results of the final round of voting! Thanks to everyone who participated. Please join us for the sermons you chose in January!
These were our previous winners:
January 6: How can we learn to forgive others, "as the Lord has forgiven us"?
January 13:What do I say to my Atheist friend? (Ammunition for a friendly debate)
January 20:Don’t look back cause you’re not going that way
10 votes Where is Eden? (Divine  Geography) 13 votes Have you ever known God?? How do we find him? Where do we find him? 11 votes "Sometimes I wish I could be like a preacher in the movies" 12 votes I think you should preach about what led you to this ministry 42 votes Prove Jesus exists without using the Bible as a Reference 54 votes Why do good things happen to bad people? 18 votes Modern Day Prophecy 19 votes How does God hear all our prayers?

Please tell me what to preach

This coming January I would like you – that’s right you! – to decide the topic of the sermons I will preach. During the month of November, I will be collecting your suggestions of sermon topics.

You may post your suggestion right here as a response to this post. Phrase it as a suggestion (“You should preach about ________”) or as a question. If you would rather remain anonymous, you can message me or give it to me at church in an envelope.

I am going to ask, however, that you only make a suggestion if you are likely to attend a worship service this January. This is only for people who will participate.

During the month of December all of the suggestions will be put to a vote by the congregation (more details on that later) and the top four suggestions will form the sermons in January.

Scott McAndless

Is it time to “do” advent?

What is your greatest frustration in ministry?

About the Creative Ministries Position

Up until the spring of this year, St. Andrew’s Hespeler had a position called the Creative Ministries Coordinator – a part time position that was very ability filled by Adriana Vermaas for many years. In the spring she resigned and is moving on to other challenges (while continuing to participate in the life of the congregation). What do you do when a position like that is suddenly vacant in the life of a congregation? Generally speaking Christian congregations are not overstaffed. Though there are always concerns about how much the payroll costs, of course, the problem is almost never that there are too many people on staff but rather that there are not enough to do everything that needs to be done. So there is a temptation, as soon as a position like this is vacated, to go ahead and fill it right away because there is a danger that, if we don’t, the congregation will just decide that they can get by without the position and the existing staff will only end up getting stretched thi…