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Report on my "Pastors of Excellence" experience

I recently filed a report on my continuing education adventures with my Presbytery. I though I would share that report here as well for those who are interested.
Report on Continuing Education to the Presbytery of Waterloo-Wellington From W. Scott McAndless Pastors of Excellence From January 2013 to January 2014 I had the privilege of participating in the Pastors of Excellence program which is offered by the Ashland Theological Seminary which is based in Ashland, Ohio, USA. The program included four three-day retreats in January, May and September 2013 and in January of 2014. The program was very formative for me and helped me to develop in my leadership and personal walk in a number of ways – too many to describe in a short report – but I would like to share some of the key parts with the Presbytery. Self Knowledge The first retreat was preceded by a battery of tests that were given to all participants. These tests (which are very expensive to obtain on their own) were designed to he…